Nashville (SMLS)


Address: 311 Plus Park Blvd, Suite 135 · Nashville , TN 37217

Phone: 615-538-0725
Fax: 615-366-3349
Toll Free: 866-721-7828

Southern Migrant Legal Services (Nashville, TN) is a special project of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid to provide free legal services to migrant and seasonal farm workers.

The Nashville office serves the following states: Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas


Caitlin Berberich - Attorney at Law, Branch Manager (Nashville office)

Dina Guardado - Clerical

Erin O'Rourke - Paralegal

Gregory Schell - Attorney at Law

Lauren Barter - Law Graduate

Madeline Harris - Paralegal

Melia Bouhabib - Attorney at Law

Susan Watson - Attorney at Law, Group Coordinator (Individual Rights)