Juvenile Justice

hotline (888) 988-9996

TRLA’s Juvenile Justice Team helps youth charged with a crime in a Justice of the Peace (JP) or municipal court, including Class C misdemeanor offenses such as truancy/failure to attend school, assault, disruption of classes, and disorderly conduct. The team also works with students on issues such as sealing juvenile records, emancipation, and sex offender de-registration. If you need these kinds of legal services, you can call our hotline (888) 988-9996. TRLA intake workers can help you with the application process. You can use our online screening form. Initial Screening for Education/Juvenile Justice Legal Aid. Please keep in mind that filling out the form is only the first step in the process of applying for free legal aid.

Texas Foster Youth Justice Project

Hotline (877) 313-3688

The Texas Foster Youth Justice Project helps current and former foster youth understand and protect their legal rights such as the right to a safe home free of sexual, physical or emotional abuse, to medical and dental care, to copies of their records, and to influence influence decisions about their own medical care. The project also helps youths cope with the various financial, housing and employment issues that arise as they age out of the foster care system. To reach the Project, please call (877) 313-3688 or go to this website.

Is your child…

  • Experiencing bullying or harassment at school?

  • Struggling to learn and falling behind?

  • Having behavioral problems or disciplinary issues that are affecting his or her ability to learn?

Has your child…

  • Been suspended, expelled, or sent to alternative school?

  • Been referred to juvenile court or probation for discipline problems at school?

Is your child’s school…

  • Refusing to evaluate your child for special education?

  • Refusing to provide your child with services she or he needs to be successful?

If your child is experiencing any of these problems, TRLA Education and Special Education may be able to help. You can call the general legal services hotline listed above or fill out the initial screening form. Initial Screening for Education/Juvenile Justice Legal Aid. Please keep in mind that TRLA assists low-income families and that your family must meet state and federal income eligibility requirements. The initial screening form is the first stage of a longer application process.

Su hijo/hija esta…

  • ¿Sufriendo de intimidación/"bullying" o acoso en la escuela?

  • ¿Teniendo dificultad con el aprendizaje y se esta atrasando?

  • ¿Teniendo problemas de conducta o problemas disciplinarios que están afectando su capacidad de aprender?

Su hijo/a ha. .

  • ¿Fallado una prueba STAAR?

  • ¿Sido suspendido, expulsado o enviado a una escuela alternativa?

  • ¿Sido referido a un tribunal de menores o libertad condicional por problemas de disciplina en la escuela?

La escuela de su hijo/a . .

  • ¿Se ha negado a evaluar a su hijo/a para educación especial?

  • ¿Se ha negado a proporcionar a su hijo/a los servicios que necesita para tener éxito?

  • ¿Se ha negado a permitir que su hijo/a asista a la escuela?

  • Para obtener ayuda legal con estos y otros asuntos, llame al 1-888-988-9996 o use nuestra aplicación sobre el internet en el siguiente enlace.

Aplicaciones sobre el internet.

Encuesta Inicial de Educación/Justicia Juvenil para el Programa de Ayuda Legal Para Problemas de Educación/Justicia Juvenil.