Cy Pres and Access to Justice

Because TRLA provides access to justice to indigent Texas residents in myriad case types, the organization is an appropriate recipient of cy pres funds. Cy pres awards are generated by residual damage funds that are often associated with class actions dealing with consumer rights, employment law claims, or antitrust issues. These funds remain after members do not claim their portion or when the amount of damages to each member is too small to warrant a distribution. The Fifth Circuit requires that residual funds be distributed to a next best use where the recipients reasonably approximate the interests of the class.

For more information on cy pres awards and TRLA or to designate us to receive such funds, please contact our Director of Private Bar and Government Relations, Pablo Almaguer, at or at (956) 393-6200.

Some of the firms or attorneys who have designated TRLA to receive cy pres funds include:

  • Benjamin Bingham

  • Cary Flitter

  • Steve Gardner

  • Law Office of James McMillen

  • Manuel Newburger

  • Matt Probus

  • Lawrence W. Schad

  • Schad, Diamond, & Shedden, P.C.

  • James Shedden

  • J Hampton Skelton

  • Richard Tomlinson

  • Steven J. Tomiello

  • Scott Vogelmeier

  • Susan and Larry Zinn