Our Services

Texas CBAR was established to provide free legal resources and business law services to organizations throughout the state of Texas working to improve the quality of life in low-income communities. We provide three primary services for these organizations:

  1. A Pro Bono Legal Referral Program where we match eligible nonprofits and small businesses with qualified attorneys that will handle transactional and corporate legal matters on a pro bono basis.
  2. An extensive online Legal Resource Library that is maintained to provide access to the most commonly used forms, materials, and other legal documents related to nonprofits, microenterprises, and community development law and so that those starting or running a nonprofit or small business can educate themselves on legal compliance and governance matters.
  3. Legal education workshops and trainings.

Pro Bono Legal Referral Program

As part of our Pro Bono Legal Referral Program, we recruit experienced transactional and corporate attorneys throughout the state of Texas who volunteer to help eligible organizations with their business, transactional, corporate, real estate, tax, and employment law needs. We do not provide assistance for matters involving litigation. The types of assistance provided by these volunteer attorneys include assistance with:

  • Incorporating new entities
  • Reviewing and drafting bylaws
  • Obtaining IRS tax exempt status
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Drafting personnel policy manuals
  • Drafting employee and subcontractor agreements
  • Establishing subsidiary corporations
  • Establishing joint ventures
  • Preparing limited partnership agreements
  • Clearing title to parcels of land
  • Preparing real estate documents
  • Reviewing leases
  • Reviewing loan documents
  • Reviewing construction documents
  • Providing advice on corporate governance matters
  • Providing advice on nonprofit tax matters
  • Providing advice on property tax exemptions
  • Providing advice on employment law issues
  • Providing advice on trademark and copyright issues

To participate in the Pro Bono Legal Referral Program, clients must meet our Eligibility Requirements and fill out an Application for Pro Bono Legal Services. We will notify you when we receive your application. First, it will be reviewed to ensure your organization is eligible for our services and appropriate for our Pro Bono Legal Referral Program. If your group is accepted, and you have provided us with all the information we need, we will then attempt to match your request for legal assistance with an attorney with the appropriate expertise. The referral process can take from two to four weeks (or longer) depending on the legal issues involved. If your application is only for a legal question or is only to request a legal consultation, then the response time may be shorter.

Referrals and the services provided by our pro bono attorneys are free of charge, however, all applicants must be aware that there may be external costs charged by governmental agencies, such as filing fees and closing costs, which are the responsibility of the client.

Through the selection process, Texas CBAR’s priorities are to:

  • improve the quality of life for low-income or underserved populations;
  • enhance economic stability in low-income communities; or
  • provide services that impact low-income or underserved persons.

If an organization is referred to one of our volunteer attorneys through the Pro Bono Legal Referral Program, the Texas CBAR staff serves as an ongoing resource throughout the representation.

To know more about our services, please click on the following:

Eligibility Requirements
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Legal Resource Library

To apply for services if you are eligible, please fill out one of the following applications:

Application for Pro Bono Legal Services
Application for Returning Clients