Hiring Employees

General legal requirements for hiring employees, including model forms and documents.

Overview of Discrimination Laws – includes an easy reference chart of laws that apply to employers.

Preparing a Job Description – how to prepare an employee job description.

Sample Job Application Form

Hiring Checklist – steps to follow when hiring a new employee.

Sample Reference Release Form – for employer to obtain information from applicant’s prior employers about the applicant’s qualifications for the job.

Checking References by Telephone – a list of questions to ask when checking the applicant’s references.

Pre-Employment Background Checks – What an employer needs to know before conducting background checks on prospective employees.

Criminal Background Check – Home Repair Employees – about the law that requires employers to perform criminal background checks on employees who perform certain home repairs.

Social Security Number Verification Service– link to the Social Security Administration’s online verification.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification – link to US Citizenship and Immigration Services eligibility forms and where to file them.

What Not to Ask in an Interview – don’t ask these questions when interviewing a job applicant.

Reporting and Filing Requirements – link to the Texas Workforce Commission.

Record-keeping Requirements for Employers – overview of what documents to keep and for how long.

Labor and Employment Audit – checklist for employers to monitor employment practices.