Employment Law Issues: A Guide for Nonprofits in Texas.2006 Edition

This manual provides useful resources for nonprofit employers, including forms, checklists, and an overview of important legal issues.

Individual sections of this manual are below for quicker, targeted downloads.

Section 1. Hiring a New Employee

Section 2. Paying Employees

Section 3. Managing Employees within the Law

Section 4. Workplace Safety

Section 5. Leaves of Absence

Section 6. Discipline and Performance Management

Section 7. Terminating an Employee

Section 8. Useful Resources

Employment Law-Related Web Sites

Individual documents in MS Word format from Useful Resources (Section 8 ) are below for quicker, targeted downloads.

8A Record Keeping Requirement Chart

8B Employment Audit

8C Sample Employee Handbook

8D Sample Policy on Sexual and Other Harassment

8E Sample Whistleblower Policy

8F Sample Cell Phone Policy

8G Hiring Checklist

8H Sample Application Form for Employment

8I Sample Reference Release Form

8J Record of Telephone Reference Check

8K Criminal History Background Check Policy and Authorization

8L Sample Notice to New Employees Regarding Workers’ Compensation

8M Employee Exit Checklist