Staff Attorney – Domestic Violence/Family Law Team for Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Corpus Christi

The position of domestic violence/family law staff attorney is a professional position with duties and activities of an extremely diverse nature including working on systemic issues and representing individual victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in civil legal cases. The staff attorney works under the supervision of a family team manager.  The primary duties and activities of the staff attorney may include the following and any other such duties and activities as are related to the practice of law by an attorney:


  1. Practices civil law for eligible clients in accordance with the Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the applicable state and consistent with office standards of practice;
  2. Supervises and/or works with legal paraprofessionals as assigned;
  3. Complies with all case reporting requirements, including timekeeping, case activities, legislative and rulemaking, private attorney involvement, community education presentations, etc.
  4. Keeps current on the state of the law and procedures within areas of law ordinarily handled by the Team to which assigned.
  5. Participates in community legal education as directed by the Executive Director, Branch Manager or Team Manager. Prepares educational materials and/or makes public presentations on relevant topics as assigned and participates in TRLA and/or office outreach efforts.
  6. Participates in other activities related to poverty law, including publication, permissible legislative and rulemaking activities, media relations in accordance with TRLA policy and applicable laws and regulations.
  7. Commensurate with experience, consults, guides and answers questions of other staff members.
  8. Fulfills all requirements necessary to remain in good standing with the State Bar and the Supreme Court of the applicable state, including but not limited to, compliance with the minimum requirements for Continuing Legal Education.
  9. Attends and/or coordinates clinics or other events as requested by the Branch or Team Manager.
  10. Maintains relationships with other programs and agencies as requested by the Branch or Team Manager, including, but not limited to, attending meetings of such programs and/or agencies.



  1. Licensed to practice in the applicable state or be willing to apply and take the applicable Bar exam at the next available opportunity.
  2. Commitment to working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
  3. Preference given to those persons bilingual in English and Spanish.