Deferral Volunteer Lawyers

In a creative response to the current recessionary economic environment, many law firms around the nation are offering to pay some of their associates to work with public interest programs until business activity restores the demand for lawyers. TRLA stands ready to do its part for the economy by offering lawyers whose employment has been deferred, or who have been furloughed, an opportunity to use their skills for the many thousands who would otherwise not be able to find access to the system of justice.

We offer a wide range of practice opportunities, from employment law to federal and state taxation, from litigation, both civil and criminal, to transactional work for community-based organizations. TRLA has 14 offices from Nashville, TN to El Paso, TX, including urban areas like Austin and San Antonio, the Gulf coast, the Mexican border, and the Trans-Pecos Mountain West.

If circumstances do not permit you to come to us, all is not lost. We have technology in place that allows the volunteer lawyer to stay where she is; as long as she has an internet connection, she can participate fully with other TRLA lawyers in zealous advocacy for the poor.

Browse our web site, with particular attention to the 37 practice areas in which we offer services, and then contact our Recruitment Coordinator, Monica Bustamante, at Furnishing her a copy of your resume will speed the process of putting your talents to work for the common good.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information about these positions, contact:

S. Monica Bustamante
Risk & Materials Manager/Recruitment Coordinator
(915) 585-5100 or Fax (915) 544-3789
Download Employment Application (.doc)