New Resource to Help El Paso Renters Receives Funding

EL PASO, Texas – April 2, 2015 – Renters in the El Paso area will soon have a new resource available to educate them on their legal rights, thanks to funding from the El Paso Bar Foundation.

Currently under development by Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA), Know Your Rights: Tenant Edition is a comprehensive booklet that will contain information on a renter’s legal rights regarding issues such as security deposits, repairs, landlord retaliation, breaking a lease, and eviction. The El Paso Bar Foundation has awarded TRLA funds that will allow the organization to develop the booklet in both English and Spanish as well as distribute it throughout El Paso County.

“The support of the El Paso Bar Foundation is critical to producing this new resource and making sure it gets into the hands of El Paso renters,” said TRLA Executive Director David Hall. “These funds will go a long way towards helping renters know their rights and how to advocate for themselves and their families.”

TRLA helps more than 2,500 El Paso families with their civil legal issues every year. Many of those families need assistance with housing problems including obtaining low-income housing, avoiding an eviction, and dealing with an unresponsive landlord. TRLA assists more than 8,000 low-income Texans with similar housing issues on an annual basis.

Added Hall, “Educating renters on their legal rights is key to making sure that Texas families can live in safe, affordable housing. With the help of the El Paso Bar Foundation, local renters will now have the resources they need to protect themselves.”

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