Foster Youth

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The Texas Foster Youth Justice Project helps foster youth and former foster youth from all over Texas with their legal problems for free.

Call toll free 1-877-313-3688 to ask for legal help.

We can help you with

  • Obtaining a copy of your own CPS record
  • Attending your CPS court hearings
  • Letting the court know what you think about where you live, go to school and other care and services you are receiving while in foster care
  • Having a say in what medication you take and making medical decisions
  • Obtaining a Texas identification card, original birth certificate and Social Security card
  • Accessing benefits that former foster youth can receive such as: college tuition and other funds to assist you in getting education and training, money
  • Immigration
  • Accessing programs and training to help you move from foster to care to living on your own
  • Staying in contact with siblings
  • Name Change
  • Any other legal questions or concerns you have


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