Economic Advocacy

The Economic Advocacy team seeks to address and remedy the economic (monetary) problems that result from crime and abuse. Some of these negative economic consequences include:

  • Damage to credit reputation and lack of access to credit
  • Reduced or limited access to income, savings, and assets
  • Lower levels of workforce and educational participation
  • Reduction in feelings of financial confidence

Our Objectives

Provide a victim-centered and victim-driven holistic approach to economic security. This includes providing victims with the tools needed to restore themselves financially by addressing issues such as debt collection, credit discrimination, federal taxes, foreclosure, etc.

Our Activities

Litigation when a victim’s consumer rights have been violated in areas such as credit discrimination, debt collection, damage to credit reputation, housing, foreclosure, or access to financial services.

Representation and assistance with federal taxes.

Financial empowerment. Assisting and educating a victim about how to set goals and make choices to further their financial goals.

Cross-training and collaboration. Many services available to victims of crime and abuse are isolated and disintegrated, failing to address the holistic needs of the victim. This team will provide training and lend expertise to other attorneys within TRLA and our partner organizations who may be assisting victims on related legal matters.


Support Staff