Colonias & Real Estate

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The Colonias & Real Estate Practice Area addresses the needs of residents of “colonias,” the unincorporated rural subdivisions along the Texas/Mexico border, in matters including obtaining access to public utilities, resolving title disputes with developers, and assisting non-profit self-help housing groups.

Our Objectives

  • Strengthen colonias communities’ voices to help increase access to state services and utilities
  • Improve TRLA’s ability to respond to colonias residents’ needs by partnering with community groups, agencies and neighborhood associations
  • Increase colonias residents’ awareness and knowledge of relevant financial and consumer issues

Our Activities

  • Provide legal services such as advice, counsel, negotiations or litigation to colonias residents. Some of the areas of litigation include: foreclosures, property tax claims, platting issues, real estate conveyances, title issues and substandard housing cases.
  • Support non-profit self-help housing groups in the TRLA service area
  • Create and maintain important contacts with other direct-services agencies and community organizing groups.
  • Help groups of colonias residents create community organizations.
  • Employ full-time outreach coordinators to conduct seminars and to distribute flyers on financial literacy, consumer rights, and property ownership
  • Conduct sessions to teach the financial literacy curriculum to promotoras, who can replicate the TRLA seminars in their communities.


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