Paralegal II – Corpus Christi

The TRLA-Corpus Christi courthouse office has an opening for a Paralegal II position.  The primary duties and activities of a Paralegal II may include the following and any other case-related activities and duties consistent with assisting attorneys in the practice of law:

  1. Conduct eligibility and substantive interviews in person and by telephone, which interviews may at times take place outside the regular office setting;
  2. Provide basic information and referrals to applicants, including those ineligible for services;
  3. Interview clients and witnesses;
  4. Conduct follow-up of assigned cases, including investigating facts and researching law;
  5. Serve process and subpoenas;
  6. Prepare legal documents;
  7. Oversee legal clinics;
  8. Notarize legal documents;
  9. Attend and participate in community group meetings and educational forums to conduct intake and make community legal education presentations;
  10. Prepare legal educational materials;
  11. Translate;
  12. Maintain accurate and complete client files and administrative records, including data entry into client database and other requirements;
  13. Prepare administrative reports required by TRLA;
  14. Any other duties required by the branch or team manager.Qualifications:

    * Bilingual in English and Spanish.
    * Possess verbal, reading and writing skills