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Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) needs your help.

Every year, our work introduces us to women stuck in the cycle of violence and desperate for a way out — women like Kay Lynn.

We first met Kay Lynn several years ago after her husband threatened her life and left her in fear of what would happen to her son if she was no longer around. With the help of local law enforcement, TRLA helped Kay Lynn secure a protective order, get a divorce, and start a new life for her and her son.  Today she is a survivor.

Kay Lynn is one of the 21,000 Texas residents who turn to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid for help each year when there is no other place to turn.

When you contribute to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) through AMPLIFY AUSTIN between 7 pm on March 4 and 7 pm on March 5, you will amplify your contribution because it is matched by other sources. This will enable TRLA to represent more low-income Central Texas residents—people who are unjustly denied public benefits and health care, people who are evicted or foreclosed upon, people fighting for child custody, parents fighting for appropriate school services for their children, older people victimized by identity theft, workers who don’t received their wages, people who suffer discrimination based on their disabilities, and people like Kay Lynn who survive domestic violence.

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